Let me paint you a picture… A beach in sunny Mexico. An endless shimmering ocean. And you, in a swimsuit…. That last line made you panic a little bit, didn’t it? I’ll be honest, re-reading that line made me cringe away from the keyboard for a moment. Swimsuit season is approaching fast and I am not ready. Imagine this beach scene will be a reality in a couple of months. Freaked out yet? I know I am.

Though I am unbelievably excited for the trip to Mexico (all-inclusive resort + friends + wedding? Yes please!), I know I am going to be lying by the pool in a swimsuit in front of people I actually know. I should probably make an effort not to look like a beached whale (ok it really isn’t that dire of a situation, but you know I am a little overdramatic already, don’t you?).

Since today is the first day of May, I am jumping into getting healthy. The BLEND retreat this weekend will be a great push for me to continue working out but I need to make little tweaks to my lifestyle (i.e. not consuming massive amounts of chocolate every night or eating an entire loaf of French bread for dinner. It kind of negates the whole workout thing. Did you know that?). My first challenge – breakfast.

Growing up I was well-trained on the importance of eating breakfast (thanks Mom!). I eat breakfast every morning but it almost always consists of cereal or toast with jam. Blah, I should be able to do better than that right?! I know I need to branch out, try something new, dare to be different! But where to start….?

Why hello my lovely little Frittata! You are the answer to my prayers!

The best thing about these frittatas is you can make them any way you want. Don’t like broccoli? Take it out and put another veggie in its place. Add meat and spices and whatever else you can dream up. Below is the variation I made for this week:

Summer Frittata

1 1/4 cup egg whites

2 cups chopped broccoli

1 cup tomato

2 tbsp milk

2 oz goat cheese

1 1/2 tsp garlic powder

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Pour mixture into a greased muffin tin (this yields 9 frittatas); a 1/3 cup works well to measure out each frittata. Bake for 20 minutes or until eggs are fully cooked.

And for those of you who are counting Weight Watchers points, these are only .67 points+ each. Try and tell me these aren’t healthy. Go on, try.