Miso Glazed Sriracha Burgers with Asian Cucumber Pickles are my twist on a thick and juicy sandwich of beefy goodness. The grilled patties are spicy and savory, with a rich miso glaze that brings out the savory flavors in the meat. Time to fire up the grill!

A miso glazed sriracha burger topped with pickles

If you don’t have any plans for your Memorial Day menu, you do now.

Can I just tell you, I freaking love these sriracha burgers. There’s something about a savory and hearty burger that is simply irresistible, isn’t there?

The juicy beef sandwiched between two toasted bun halves and topped with a variety of toppings make for the base of so many recipe possibilities!

This recipe is one that will totally change your world. 

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A grilled Asian inspired burger with a knife

Now, let me prep you real quick, there are a good amount of elements involved with these burgers. There’s the burger mixture, the miso glaze, Asian cucumber pickles, and some toppings.

I know, I know, that sounds a little intimidating… But REALLY, HONESTLY, it’s not.

The recipe is super easy, you just have to follow the steps as they are outlined.

A gourmet sriracha burger

It starts with the Asian cucumber pickles that are literally the easiest things in the world to make and they will keep in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. They take 15 minutes to make, then you just seal them up and cool them while you make the burger with the glaze.

The miso glaze imparts this rich and heavenly flavor in the patties, making the meat truly sing. Not to mention the flavors pair wonderfully with the Sriracha and Chinese five spice in the patties themselves.

Finally, you get the creaminess of simple mashed avocado as well as the sweet bite of the grilled yellow onions.

Holding a grilled gourmet burger

When you take a bite of this juicy, delightful mess, you literally will not want to stop to speak a word, let alone take a breath.

It’s a whole new take on the classic burger that will make everyone ooooooo and ahhhhhh with pure delight!

This Recipe’s Must-Haves

For this recipe, I personally love making these burgers on my Traeger grill. I use the Traeger grill signature pellets so that the flavor of the pellets doesn’t overwhelm the flavors in the burger and the glaze as well. Finally, make sure you have these heavy duty Traeger grill tongs!

Obviously, you need a set of mixing bowls to make sure you can put together all the elements of this recipe. Personally I love to store any leftover pickles in mason jars – they are so freaking handy to have for so many things.

If you don’t have a grill and can’t invest in one right now, I suggest bringing the burgers inside and cooking them in a cast iron skillet. You can also snag this Lodge cast iron skillet at a cheaper price tag!

A grilled burger for your next party

How to make these burgers

Make Pickles

Making the pickles is so stinking easy. You simply bring the pickling liquid to a boil, then let the thinly sliced cucumbers to sit in the warm liquid. 

I love to use English cucumbers for this recipe because they are lighter than regular pickles, and they pickle faster. 

Then you just store it all in an airtight container and place it in the fridge to cool off for when you are ready to serve.

Make Burger Patties

The sriracha burgers come together quickly in a bowl. The punch of Sriracha is just right and it won’t overwhelm you with spice. 

If you like things spicy, add in another teaspoon of Sriracha!

Image of an Asian inspired burger

Make Glaze

Whip up the glaze after you form the patties but BEFORE you put them on the grill! This will save you time when you are grilling and you won’t get distracted at all.

Grill & Assemble

Add the burgers to the grill for a few minutes! Then flip and glaze. Let cook, flip and glaze once more. Continue to flip and glaze, making sure the meat soaks up the flavors in the glaze as they cook away.

Check the internal temperature to determine if the burgers are cooked through! Remember that it’s 145˚F for medium rare and about 160˚F for medium!

A tall gourmet burger

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