A Cherry Rosé Mimosa is a simple and elegant combination of tart cherry juice, sparkling dry rosé wine, and a touch of simple syrup. The recipe makes the most of the cherry season and it’s the ideal accompaniment for your weekend gatherings. It is ALL the brunch goals!

Fresh cherries in a bowl around mimosas in champagne flutes

Things that make me happy no matter what mood I’m in = BRUNCH. 

No matter what, brunch will always put a smile on my face. I really don’t care how basic this sounds, it is true and I shall scream it from the rooftops!

Cherry red mimosa with fresh cherries and rose

Brunch is all my favorite things wrapped into one. It’s one time of day where you can mash up breakfast and lunch, all in one meal, alongside some booze. 

I mean, what would brunch even be without bloody mary’s or mimosas after all?

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Overhead shot of picking up a champagne flute with fresh cherries and rose mimosa

It wouldn’t include nearly as many giggles from me, that’s for sure. 

And where’s the fun in that?

This mimosa is all you need to meet your summer brunching goals. I’ve been SUPER into cherries lately – as a snack, a dessert, and especially in cocktails. The only thing was, I needed a way to pair it with my brunch. 

Bowl of fresh red summer cherries

Therefore I threw some tart cherry juice, dry sparkling rosé wine, and a touch of sweetness. BOOM. Summer mimosa perfection. 

It’s honestly such an easy recipe! All you have to do is stir everything together in a glass. That’s. IT.

It goes with pretty much anything and the dry wine with the tart cherry juice will wake up those taste buds in the best way possible.

Side shot of champagne flutes with cherry rose mimosas and fresh cherries

This Recipe’s Must-Haves

To get the perfectly halved cherries, you’ll need a paring knife. I like to remove the pits by hand for my cocktails – you don’t need to do this with that many for garnish! Cherry pitting tools don’t keep the perfect shape of the cherry as well. 

I am a big fan of stemless champagne flutes, because they are just so elegant! All you need is a bar spoon to stir it all up.

Pouring in sparkling rose into a champagne flute

Make This Cocktail All In One Glass

All you have to do to make this cocktail is to pop it all in a glass and stir to combine.

The tart cherry juice plays off the dry rosé sparkling wine and with a touch of simple syrup, you get just the right amount of sweetness.

Fresh cherries with jigger, champagne glasses and mimosa cocktails

Do I Have To Use Sparkling Rosé Wine?

If you don’t have sparkling brut rosé handy (or you can’t find an affordable option at your local liquor store), you can change things up. My first substitution recommendation would be to use a classic brut champagne. This will go well with the ingredients in the recipe and you don’t have to change any measurements.

If you prefer something sweeter, you can use prosecco instead. However, if you use prosecco, I recommend skipping the simple syrup and tasting the cocktail with just the cherry juice. If you need more sweetness you can add it later!

Overhead shot of a hand holding a champagne flute with a mimosa

What If I Think The Cocktail Is Too Tart? Too Sweet? Not Enough Wine?

Now I know that everyone’s taste buds are different, and everyone likes their mimosas a little bit different for brunching. I am personally one who likes my mimosas more boozy, so you’ll see that reflected here. To me, this is the ideal balance of sweet, tart, and alcohol.

If the cocktail is too tart for your tastebuds, add simple syrup about 1/4 oz at a time until you have the sweetness level you desire.

Alternatively, if the cocktail is too sweet when you taste it, add tart cherry juice about 1/4 oz at a time until you have the tartness level you desire.

Finally, for those of you who want your mimosa even more boozy, add more sparkling rosé wine about 1 oz at a time until it’s as boozy as you like it!

Overhead shot of a bowl of fresh red cherries

The only question is, what brunch recipes would you pair this with? Personally I recommend this BLAT Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Bagels, Mimosa Pancake Stacks, and/or Mexican Chocolate Filled Doughnuts!

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Thumbnail photo for cherry rose mimosa

Cherry Rosé Mimosa

Yield: Serves 2
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Make the most of cherry season with tart cherry juice, sparkling rose wine, and a touch of simple syrup!


  • 3 oz tart cherry juice, chilled
  • 1 oz simple syrup, chilled
  • 10 oz sparkling brut rose, chilled
  • Garnish: fresh cherries


  1. Divide cherry juice and simple syrup between two champagne flutes evenly.
  2. Stir to combine.
  3. Top off with equal amounts of chilled sparkling brut rose wine.
  4. Garnish with fresh cherries.
  5. Serve.

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