Charred Cilantro Lime Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos are the best reason to stay in for Taco Tuesday this week. From the flavorful honey lime chicken to the spicy charred corn salsa, every element of these colorful tacos provides texture and ample punches of flavor!

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

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This time of year, I am ALL about grilling corn. I will grill it all day, every day.

a couple Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

From Mexican street corn to corn salsa, that charred flavor infused into the sweet corn kernels makes for incredible flavor that goes with everything.

I am obsessed with making corn salsa at home and the Man couldn’t be happier about it. I’m pretty sure he’s will never love me more in fact.

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

Anytime he sees corn salsa coming to the table, I just see his eyes light up with pure joy.

It’s no wonder why.

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos on a platter

This corn salsa is basically the best thing EVER. It’s full of flavor and texture, with lime, jalapeno, and cayenne bring big and bold flavors.

It’s these big and bold flavors that pair so well with the marinated chicken. The chicken itself is oh-so juicy, with sweet and tangy flavors infused into every bite.

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

You pair this with creamy avocado, the bold corn salsa, the crunch of purple cabbage, and the saltiness of queso fresco. BOOM, you’ve got a freaking winner of a chicken dinner that you’ll be craving every single night this spring and summer.

I’m serious, these easy chicken tacos are highly addictive. I’ve made them at least 5 times since I first perfected the recipe, and the Man would be happy even if I doubled that amount.

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

My biggest tip is make the corn salsa as soon as you can and let it sit at room temperature while you prepare the other elements of the tacos (i.e. slicing the avocado, shredding the cabbage, crumbling the cheese, etc). The longer those ingredients meld together in a bowl, the better and bolder the flavor of the corn salsa will be!

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

As for additional toppings, I like to serve these up with my favorite hot sauce of the week (I tend to go through them quickly. What can I say? I LOVE spice!). I also love a fresh squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro.

You can also pair these tacos with cilantro lime rice, black beans, sour cream, etc.

Just be warned, you’ll never find another grilled chicken taco that you like better…

Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

This Recipe’s Must-Haves

For this recipe, you’ll need an awesome grill like this Traeger grill. This grill does it ALL and it’s fabulous. It gets hot super fast, infuses everything with tasty flavor, and really gives you that smoky taste you love from grilling.

I used the Traeger grill signature pellets for this recipe. You could also use pecan or hickory for something different in the grilled chicken and vegetables.

Finally, these Traeger grill tongs are pure POWER. They are big and strong, making them perfect for any job you need to do on the Traeger grill.

a couple Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos

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Charred Corn Chicken Avocado Tacos