BLAT Blue Cheese Crostini are a fun take on the classic sandwich, given a little extra flavor with the blue cheese crumbled on top. It’s a simple appetizer that’s perfect for picnic!

BLAT Blue Cheese Crostini |

I only have a few really simple and fun appetizers in my back pocket and this is one of them. I might be a little OCD in my need to be prepared, but I swear, it’s limited specifically to food. What can I say? I’m one of those people who always likes to know where my next meal in coming from.

Sidenote: what is with these drink dates that last hours and don’t include food? If you are asking me to grab a drink at 6:30 and want to hangout until 9, there better be some freakin’ food. Who doesn’t eat dinner?! WRONG. Just. WRONG. *end rant*

BLAT Blue Cheese Crostini |

ANYWAYS as the weather gets warmer and the parks become flooded with people, the impromptu picnics start revving up.

Generally with my friends, picnics are a last minute thing and it’s always a scramble to get everything together. I think I might start implementing a new game where the last one to arrive has to treat everyone to a round of beer, so there’s the real motivation to not spend  hours trolling the store aisles… You know, aside from stuffing our faces with delicious food. But I digress…

BLAT Blue Cheese Crostini |


Picnics are the main reason I like to keep a few quick recipes in my back pocket that can be assembled in minutes. It’s a quick stop at the store, a little slicing and chopping, then presto! A fresh, healthy appetizer that’ll hold you crew over and also break up all the hamburgers and hot dogs we’re so used to devouring. These BLAT blue cheese crostini are just the ticket to a winning appetizer that your friends and family will happily snatch up while waiting for the main event.

There’s nothing like a little play on a childhood favorite meal to get even grown adults clambering for a taste.

Plus you get to feel a little fancy at your picnic, and who doesn’t want to get in on some of that action?