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Mini Cream Pies with KitchenAid®

I know all last week was Blogsgiving Dinner, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a little dessert!!

Mini Cream Pies with 3 fun flavors |

At Thanksgiving I am all about three things – trying to make dessert simple, make it ahead of time, and give everyone a little bit of what they love. The hours leading up the Thanksgiving tend to require a bit of organization and a lot of patience. Once the meal is over, I want to be able to pull dessert out of the refrigerator and continue enjoying myself! Not to mention I am likely on my second glass of wine at this point – the time when I generally ban myself from all flames, stove tops, and ovens (did I mention I tend to burn myself a lot?).  (more…)

Wednesday Slice


1. This photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but when I walked out of the office last night there were thousands of geese. Seriously THOUSANDS. I have never seen anything so insane – they just kept coming!

2. 30 things to start doing right now. #4, #12, and #15 especially for this girl.

3. I want this spritzer so bad. Can I just live off these for the rest of the month?

4. Song of the Week is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. It is my new go-to jam out song for when I am driving home in traffic. Nothing can put a smile on your face like some FUNK, right?? ;)   (more…)

Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Parker House Rolls

Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Parker House Rolls |

No matter what, making bread is the one thing that will cure any ailment. Whether it’s a cold, stress or a plain ol’ crap day, as soon as I start kneading dough, every muscle in my body relaxes and my mind completely clears.

Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Parker House Rolls |

There’s nothing like making bread. Actually there’s nothing like eating bread either, especially right out of the oven, piping hot and slathered in melted butter.

Oh and a little cheddar cheese, just to make them that much more addictive…  (more…)

Thanksgiving Leftover Stuffed Egg Rolls & Cranberry Dipping Sauce


Thanksgiving Leftovers Eggrolls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce | #BlogsgivingDinner

I can’t believe it’s Friday, aka the last day of #Blogsgiving (*tear*, aka less than two weeks to Thanksgiving (eeeeeeek!)!!

One of my favorite part about Thanksgiving is leftovers. You aren’t just loving turkey for one day, oh no… You love it for days after! I am all about leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches like this one I made last year (OMG it was sooooooo good, I made it as many times as I could). But this year? Oh this year I came up with something even better…   (more…)