Wednesday Slice



1. Still swooning over an amazing return trip to Asheville! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the massive amount of eating and drinking that happened over those four days. So. Much. Food. I think I am still full… I am so unbelievably grateful to have won that return trip back at Food Blog Forum ’14! There’s nothing like foraging for mushrooms in the forest in the morning and having a chef cook up what you found that evening. How there’s nothing like this in Denver already, I have no idea! If only trips like these were my permanent state of real life… *sigh*

2. Speaking of food bloggers… You know you’re a food blogger when… ALL true, especially #3, #9, and #19, haha!

3. Song of the week is the cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space by Imagine Dragons. Amazing. I have it on a constant loop.  Don’t judge. 

Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple Mojito |

I’m going to be real with you right now… Pursuing a new career path is not easy. Ok I know that’s a really obvious statement right there. I knew it was going to be hard when I made the decision to move to a less conventional career, but I really thought I would be in

Wednesday Slice

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1. The Lego exhibit at the Denver Zoo is so freakin’ cool. A giant butterfly made out of thousands of Legos = pure happiness. 2. The most epic groomsmen dance EVER. If you haven’t seen this yet, drop everything and watch it. It’ll be the happiest 10 minutes of your day. 3. I’m going way back into

Roasted Plum French Toast with Whipped Ricotta

Roasted Plum French Toast with Whipped Ricotta |

I am not a breakfast person. I am a brunch person. I believe in late morning eating, recounting last night’s epic adventures (and failures) and bottomless mimosas. It’s almost comical how much I hate eating too early in the morning. If you attempted to feed me the same breakfast dish at 8am and 11am, I

Boozy Grapefruit Sparkling Lemonade

Boozy Grapefruit Sparkling Lemonade |

AKA the Ultimate Summer Refreshment. It’s perfectly timed with the crazy cold front that decided to roll through Denver last night. I almost had to turn the heat on in the house, which I am not ok with in August. Way too soon… I want fall to come before I start freezing to death! Apparently