Wednesday Slice

Roma 3 025

1. My time spent in Rome during college was some of the toughest, most fulfilling months I have ever gone through. All these things I learned while being so far away from home + so much more. Oh to be young and in Rome again…

2. I am in need of a new cookbook in my life (because my 50+ cookbooks aren’t enough…). What should I get next??

3. Song of the Week is Binary Sea off of Death Cab for Cutie’s new album that just came out yesterday. I have been listening to the album on a loop since yesterday morning. Anyone else?? 

French Fry Nachos

French Fry Nachos (aka Frachos) |

March Madness has been waiting for a snack like this… I wish I could say I thought of this in an effort to give you the perfect snack food for the final rounds of NCAA March Madness, but I am not that into basketball (I’m a football girl!). The idea for this unbelievably gorgeous mess

Welcome to the new Cake ‘n Knife!


Welcome to the new Cake ‘n Knife! What a change right?! Since the whole site is pretty much the coolest thing ever and there’s a bunch of new stuff, I wanted to take a second to show you around! I’ve been waiting to do this site redesign for what feels like forever (reality, just a

Boozy Orangeade


I love a big glass of orangeade on a warm spring day! Especially when it’s a homemade boozy version, like this one right here. This week has been a particularly long week. The days have been going by so slowly and the nights have been filled with preparations for the new site, so I am

Wednesday Slice


1. Have you tried the new Instagram app, Layout?? It’s the only way I got an awesome pic (see above) collage of Be Our Guest at Disney! SO MUCH FUN. I am collaging EVERYTHING (I can hear Ben’s eyes rolling now…). 2. If social media outlets were people – spot. on. 3. Ben and I are