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Ginger Tangelo Sparkler

There’s nothing like a cocktail that is both sparkly and spicy!

Tangelo Sparkler_3

I feel like I have been running a marathon every day lately. Between work and planning and social engagements and recipe testing, I am starting to feel a little burnt out. I have also started to lose my ability to put my thoughts into words because I am going a million miles per minute. Basically I am a 5 year old running around in a 20-something’s body, though somehow I am able to cook without chopping off a finger or burning my face off.   (more…)

Epic Burgers: Poutine Burger

Oh yea, I went there.

Poutine Burger_2

This is the product of attempting to diet too harshly and not being able to think about anything but poutine for several weeks… It’s quite evident that my self-control has very struck limitations – especially when there are cheese curds involved. I know it’s terrible, but OMG this calorie overload is so worth every single bite.  (more…)

Easy Easter Petit Fours

I have always loved petit fours.

Petit Fours_1

To me they are that perfect elegant cake that reminds me of fancy afternoon tea services I have gone to throughout my life. It started as a tradition with my grandma Alice around Christmastime – all the ladies of the family would take an afternoon and head to some fancy afternoon tea where I would devour endless little petit fours and scones. Even after my grandma passed away, we have been keeping the tradition for years.  (more…)