Southwestern Avocado Egg Rolls

Southwestern Avocado Egg Rolls have all the classic southwest flavor you love and are the crispy, spicy snack you won’t be able to resist.

Southwestern Avocado Egg Rolls |

So you want to know a fun little habit I’ve recently picked up?


Jameson Old Fashioned

Jameson Old Fashioned |

*welp* Did I happen to mention how much I loathe moving? It’s hard enough just coordinating the details of a truck, storage, changing addresses and actually moving all of the things you own. It’s even worse packing it all up into what feels like 10 million boxes… 

Wednesday Slice


1. Holy crap this last week has been insane. I don’t even feel like a real functioning adult at this point. Probably because I’m not… Not even close, haha. In exactly one week I’ll have moved and will be soaking up the sun in Jamaica (GAH, come faster please!)… It feels like an eternity from now

Cider Mule

Cider Mule |

It’s the last Thirsty Thursday in September… Anyone else completely freaking out about that?? I feel like just yesterday I was getting excited for fall to get here and just like that, it’s here and for those of us in Denver, it’ll be over just as quick as it came (unless we get lucky this

Wednesday Slice


1. I am getting so spoiled… If you follow me on Instagram, you know about all the amazing swag I’ve been getting! It’s been just like Christmas! I am SO excited to get down to Jamaica now, I can barely contain myself. Thank goodness swimsuits are crazy on sale right now, or else I’d be going