Citrus Jalapeno Chicken Tostadas

Citrus Jalapeño Chicken Tostadas with Creamy Avocado Sauce brings a whole new level of spicy citrus flavor to the dinner table. Sweet and spicy glazed chicken piled up on crispy tostadas with a tangy grapefruit salsa is a fiesta in your mouth!

Citrus Jalapeno Chicken Tostadas | #dinner #recipe

The moment I sat down to write this out, one of my favorite Latin songs came blasting on. I think it’s a sign of the universe approving of this recipe in a big way.

Or maybe I just have too much love for this song (Danza Kuduro by Don Omar – don’t judge, this song is my fuel).

Citrus Jalapeno Chicken Tostadas | #dinner #recipe

I love crunchy tostadas. The crispy tortilla acts like a little plate that I can load up with whatever tasty deliciousness I want. You’ve seen me make them bite-sized and stacked in Greek Hummus Tostada Stacks, and all the way back to the first tostada I ever made all by my lonesome. 

Chorizo, Jalapeño & Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

Chorizo, Jalapeno & Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza |

Chorizo, Jalapeño & Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza will take your average pizza night to a whole new level of deliciousness. From the spicy flavors in the chorizo and jalapeño to the savory and tangy flavors in the sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese, this pizza is an off-the-charts recipe everyone will be grabbing seconds of! Remember that whole road trip I

Grapefruit Daiquiri

Grapefruit Daiquiri |

A Grapefruit Daiquiri is my little shot of sunshine into a classic daiquiri. Instead of using only lime juice, I add a little fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice for an added touch of sweet and tart flavor. With only 4 ingredients, this simple cocktail is ideal for happy hour tonight! I’ve been roaming down memory lane lately

Wednesday Slice

Wednesday Slice

1. A beautiful drink sprinkled with a fresh pinch of hops is my new favorite thing. You guys, I am working on this Beer Lover’s Guide to Boulder and you are going to freak. out. Hint hint: it’s for obsessive foodies and cocktail lovers too ;) 2. I never really got into the easter egg things with Disney

Pan Fried Curry Ricotta Gnocchi in Chile Lime Brown Butter Sauce

Pan Fried Curry Ricotta Gnocchi in Chile Lime Brown Butter Sauce | #pasta #dinner #curry

Pan Fried Curry Ricotta Gnocchi in Chile Lime Brown Butter Sauce is going to expand your mind into a whole new world of flavor. The deep and savory flavors in the easy-to-make gnocchi pair perfectly with a rich and spicy brown butter sauce. It’s weeknight pasta night, done right! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I know