Sesame Salmon Avocado Bowls

Sesame Salmon Avocado Bowls are a rich and hearty bowl of delicious Asian flavors that won’t have you worrying about your waistline. Broiling the salmon gives it a crust that gives a wonderful texture to break up all the creamy avocado and fluffy white rice.

Sesame Salmon Avocado Bowls | #healthy #dinner #recipe

When I was in Hawaii, I had the most amazing poke bowl. It was rich and creamy, full of a variety of flavors and incredible fresh. When I loaded it up with extra jalapeno slices and wasabi, it was darn near the most amazing bowl of fish, veggies and rice that I’ve ever had.

Now before you all start freaking out on me… Yes, I am aware that this is NOT a poke bowl.

Sesame Salmon Avocado Bowls | #healthy #dinner #recipe

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