Wednesday Slice


1. Still dreaming about this basil martini I enjoyed on Sunday night… Seriously need to replicate this bad boy at home! It’s officially my favorite drink of the summer!

2. This new trailer… The Good Dinosaur. I started tearing up at the end of it. Damn Pixar, you’re gonna have me sobbing in the theater again aren’t you…

3. Song of the Week was chosen purely based on the aforementioned trailer. Crystals by Of Monsters and Men – queue more emotional Pixar crying… What is with me lately?! 

Baked Feta with Cherry Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs

Baked Feta with Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs |

My favorite foods to make are the ones that completely fill your house with a delicious smell. You know, the one that triggers an automatic “oh my gosh, what smells so good?!” when you open the door to invite someone inside? I live for those foods and this baked feta is definitely one of them.

Cookbook Review: Milk Bar Life & Sweet and Sour Red Onion Jam

Milk Bar Life Cookbook Review & Sweet and Sour Red Onion Jam |

You all know just how much I love cookbooks. If you don’t, just pop over to my house sometime and check out the shelves packed to the brim with books. If I could have a library full of just cookbooks I would be in heaven, and with the way I am accumulating them, it might

Wednesday Slice


1. Ok, I have good news! I can actually see again! Like, see the computer and read see – WHOA. Talk about a couple of the most frustrating weeks of my life… I mean, of course I am ridiculously grateful to be able to see clearly for the first time since I was a wee

Wednesday Slice


1. Recovery from PRK is much slower than I would like… I can mostly see, but being on the computer is a lot harder, making work and basically getting anything done near impossible. I know I should probably be taking this time to relax and enjoy some time off, but after almost a week, I