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Super Bowl Recipe Round Up


It’s that time of year again…. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! As an intensely passionate lover of food, this is one of those ultimate food holidays that I can’t wait for. Especially because game day snack usually involve everything fried, cheese, and anything but healthy. It’s another day for indulgence and I relish every second of it!

This year I had to do a Super Bowl Recipe Round Up of my favorite indulgent recipes that I’ve featured over the past 2+ years. Get ready to start drooling and try not to lick the computer screen, folks…  (more…)

Sparkling Whiskey Sour

Sparkling Whiskey Sour |

I can’t seem to help continually begin drawn back to classic cocktails from my grandparents’ era. I suppose it’s because I love the nostalgia that comes along with a long, cool sip.

I will admit, whiskey sours are not my favorite of the classic cocktails. I blame it on way too many nights spent with Jameson until the wee hours in the morning in my early20s. Thankfully I am coming back around to whiskeys after some years have past and I have grown particularly fond of my sparkling version of a whiskey sour.  (more…)

Wednesday Slice


1. I am really missing all those cappuccino breaks we took when we were in Europe… I swear every single one I had came with some sort of gorgeous design. #whyisntthiseverydaylife

2. This list of romantic comedy moments made my heart soar just being reminded of these movie magic moments. #7 with the daisies? GAH, I’m dying.

3. If you haven’t heard about the Exploding Kittens card game on Kickstarter and how it grossed millions in a matter of hours, well just click here. Totally bought the game. Can’t WAIT for it to get here!  (more…)

Soft Batch Mini M&M Cookies

I looooooooove soft cookies.

Soft Batch Mini M&M Cookies |

I know that some of you out there love a crispy cookie, but I absolutely cannot stand it when a cookie is hard and crunchy. I much prefer soft, pillowy cookies that practically melt in your mouth. Especially in miniature form, because that means you get to eat 4 or 5 cookies instead of one big cookie, right?  (more…)