Tropical Green Smoothie

A Tropical Green Smoothie is just the refreshing kick you need in the midst of all this insane holiday feasting. It’s packed with all the healthy stuff, so you’ll feel great (aka not guilty) about enjoying it as much as you do.

Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe |

You’re probably asking yourself, ummm has she lost her mind? She does realize she just posted a healthy recipe right?

I may not be the most health-conscious food blogger, but I have my moments. After such an epic day of endless eating, I needed something to kind of cleanse all the turkey, potatoes, wine, stuffing, wine and more wine… I know the diet doesn’t technically start until January 1st at this point, but sometimes you just have a craving for something light, fresh and healthy. At the very least it tricks your mind into thinking you’re being healthy enough to counteract the insane amount of calories you consumed the day before. 

What I’m Thankful For…


I realized last night, I completely missed Cake ‘n Knife’s birthday on Tuesday! *face palm* Usually I have it written down on my calendar with lots of stars and balloons (yes, I still doodle like a 12 year old girl), but this year it completely slipped my mind. So happy belated birthday Cake ‘n Knife!

Wednesday Slice


1. Yep, this is exactly the kind of day today is. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, most of my clients have completely check out for the week, and I am feeling restless… Being glued to my computer screen today is only going to happen for so long before I give up and start getting easily

Thanksgiving Leftovers Tostadas

Thanksgiving Leftovers Tostadas |

These Thanksgiving Leftovers Tostadas are a new favorite way to enjoy my favorite Thanksgiving foods after the holiday is over. All the stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy you could want in every single crispy bite! Every single year I end up making some sort of recipe with Thanksgiving leftovers, like these sandwiches and these

Easy Individual Bourbon Apple Pies

Easy Individual Apple Pies |

Easy Individual Bourbon Apple Pies are the perfect sized dessert to fulfill a fall dessert craving or to serve at your next holiday party. All the flavor of apple pie, a quarter of the effort and spiked for your merriment! These little easy individual bourbon apple pies were born out of a combination of craving