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Epic Burgers: Poutine Burger

Oh yea, I went there.

Poutine Burger_2

This is the product of attempting to diet too harshly and not being able to think about anything but poutine for several weeks… It’s quite evident that my self-control has very struck limitations – especially when there are cheese curds involved. I know it’s terrible, but OMG this calorie overload is so worth every single bite.  (more…)

Easy Easter Petit Fours

I have always loved petit fours.

Petit Fours_1

To me they are that perfect elegant cake that reminds me of fancy afternoon tea services I have gone to throughout my life. It started as a tradition with my grandma Alice around Christmastime – all the ladies of the family would take an afternoon and head to some fancy afternoon tea where I would devour endless little petit fours and scones. Even after my grandma passed away, we have been keeping the tradition for years.  (more…)

Blackberry Gin Fizz

Spring is here!

Blackberry Gin Fizz_3

And it’s gorgeous and full of fruit and gin fizzes. I realized this past week exactly what I miss most about warm weather – sitting on the porch and opening up the entire house to a warm breeze. Sitting on the back porch, even if it’s only for a few minutes, with a cool gin fizz in hand is one of the best feelings ever.  (more…)