Green Chile Cheddar Whole Wheat Biscuits

Green Chile Cheddar Whole Wheat Biscuits are a cheesy flavorful biscuit with a spicy little kick at the end that’ll change everything you thought you knew about biscuits. The rich wheat flour base and hatch green chiles are an exciting way to shake up a weeknight dinner or even a lazy Sunday brunch!

Green Chile Cheddar Whole Wheat Biscuits |

When I first starting blogging back in the day, I used to seriously LOVE making bread. Something about bringing the dough together with my hands, kneading it together, and rolling it out brought me such a profound sense of accomplishment (not to mention stress relief).

Last year I definitely didn’t get into baking bread as much as I would have liked. I think I was just too busy trying everything new and exciting, I forgot about revisiting my favorite things to bake! That’s why when Bob’s Red Mill challenged me to make a recipe that reflected a New Year for me, I went straight for something fully carb-loaded and fresh from the oven.

Green Chile Cheddar Whole Wheat Biscuits | 

Chile Beer Sangria

Chile Beer Sangria |

Chile Beer Sangria is a punch of spice and citrus in every sip! The chile-infused whiskey and juicy fruit slices only enhance all the flavors in the beer, making it the perfect sangria for everyone. Plus, you won’t even have to use all of the six-pack you buy, so bonus beers for later! I MADE A BEER

Tuesday Slice

Tuesday Slice |

1. You know when you go to a place that’s just so freaking gorgeous that it sticks with you in your soul? That’s exactly what Kauai was for me back in October. I keep looking back at photos – desperately trying to edit all the photos I took – and keep reliving those gorgeous peaceful

Tequila Lime Pulled Pork Tacos

Tequila Lime Pulled Pork Tacos |

Tequila Lime Pulled Pork Tacos will blow your regular taco routine right out of the water. Tasty tequila and lime flavor the pulled pork with plenty of other spices, making it a savory adventure for your taste buds. Whip these up and watch everyone devour them in moments! It’s Friday the 13th…. SPOOKY!!! Let’s celebrate

Pomelo Grapefruit Negroni

Pomelo Grapefruit Negroni |

A Pomelo Grapefruit Negroni is a refreshing upgrade for the classic cocktail! The zing of fresh pomelo grapefruit juice enhances the floral flavors in the gin and the bitter Campari keeps the entire cocktail from being too sweet. You’ll love breaking out this recipe at your next happy hour! I always have the best of