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light exercise in the middle of fall

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Can someone please come push me out of bed/off the couch to do some light exercise PLEASE?? I am seriously struggling. I know that...

avocado baby clothes

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Can we talk about just how FREAKING CUTE baby clothes are?!? I probably need to stop buying so many of the baby clothes because...

Mochi eating a toy

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So, it’s been another week in this weird pandemic world we live in during the best summer EVER. Remember when we all thought this...

16 weeks pregnant picture

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16 weeks pregnant now! I wish I could say that the time is flying by buuuuuuuut it really isn’t LOL. It feels like it’s...

baby boy announcement photo

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday, we are having a baby boy! The Man and I both thought with the upmost...