While all of you were tucked in bed and the Easter Bunny was hiding eggs in your homes, I was finishing up an epic trek across the Midwest with one of my closest friends. Have you ever flown over 900 miles and driven over 900 miles in less than two days? I have! The company was absolutely fantastic but I really recommend that much travel in such a short amount of time. By the time we got back to Denver, my friend and I had both lost it and Sunday was spent in a zombie-like state. Aside from the delayed recovery I am experiencing, the trip was rather amazing. Here are some highlights…

1. Just outside of Indianapolis we ran into traffic… ridiculous traffic. We didn’t move more than 2 miles in 2 1/2 hours. For some reason a semi jack-knifed on I-70 and spilled all of its fuel. Naturally, we were low on gas when we hit the wall of traffic…. that made things interesting. After spending a couple of hours turning the car on and off to save fuel, pondering the possibility of siphoning fuel from another car, and debating exactly how illegal it would be to drive on the shoulder for the next 3 miles to the closest exit, we chose the latter. Take a moment to imagine us, two ladies driving 5 miles an hour with a sign in the window saying “Need Gas!” edging by endless traffic trying to ignore death glares… All I can say is at least we had a sign… 🙂

The whole picture…

2. Midwest US is flat. Really flat.

3. Dance parties are just as fun now as they were when I was in high school. They are even better in a car in the middle of Indiana… and Illinois… and Missouri… and Kansas…

4. I miss KC barbecue! We stopped by Arthur Bryant’s on our way through KC and holy wow. The hand pulled open face pork sandwich blew me away – sweet, spicy, and tangy, the flavors bounced around my mouth and made me realize what I have missed for so long. Pair all this with a giant red cream soda (a favorite if mine when I lived in KC) and I started getting all sorts of nostalgic. Thankfully I had my wits about me enough at this point in the trip to buy a bottle of sauce and poultry/fish rub. Here’s their site just in case you are in need of some damn good KC bbq: http://www.arthurbryantsbbq.com/index.htm

5. Cats don’t like long car rides. As someone who is allergic to cats, this didn’t make me warm up to them that much more. Thank the lord for Allegra.

6. Three Meg(h)ans in a Starbucks in Salina, KS = Meg(h)an cubed = the best frappucino I have ever tasted. Period. Coffee, chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut… it was a frozen snickers in a caffeinated beverage. O. M. G.  If you ever happen to be traveling through Salina, KS go to the Starbucks off of I-70 at the Petro Travel Center-Food Court. Ask for Meghan and ask her to make you this drink. IT ROCKS.

7. It isn’t driving through Kansas that is the longest drive. It is those last few hundred miles of eastern Colorado that feel like they take 5 years. Probably because we had already driven 12 hours and were losing our minds as we drove directly into the setting sun. Ouch.

Excuse the windshield bugs….

Though the trip was long and my allergies decided to flare up the last couple hours of the trip when we both already couldn’t take any more driving, it was one of the best road trips I have ever taken. Thank you Megan for such an amazing trip! 🙂