1. This past week has been yet another week of construction and dog barking as I try desperately to focus on work. My saving grace? The Aperol spritz that awaits me once I am finished with work, a workout, and dishes at the end of a very long day. I used to HATE Aperol, but we reconnected in France and Italy. Now I can say that we have turned a corner and Aperol is my new BFF. I am just hoping that our bathroom is finished and life can resume to it’s quiet normality by the end of this week. Honestly, I never thought I would miss pure silence so much… Maybe I can keep my sanity? 

2. Thinking of other things that make me happy, all of these Harry Potter gifts for 2019 are AWESOME. I love that scrunchies are coming back, and the HP ones are pretty darn adorbs. Also that Hogwarts letter purse? YES PLEASE.

3. Song of the Week is Rain by The Teskey Brothers. O. M. G. His voice and the soul in every lyric… It’s a MUST LISTEN. Seriously. Go listen to it. NOW.

4. Is it too early to get into the Christmas spirit? NO. So here’s some books to help you bring the magic to life

5. We all could use some inspiration today, can’t we? Here’s the top 125 inspirational sayings and quotes of all time. Hoping by reading through these my brain won’t explode during another day of construction…

6. Because I am deep in the holiday spirit, these book ornaments are all the yes. I just want to buy a mini tree, specifically for them.