The past few weeks have been many things, but the one that sticks in my mind as I educate myself is eye-opening. I have struggled with putting my thoughts into words. Therefore I have taken to my social media, pushing out the wisdom and words of others, trying to educate others (as well as myself), and provide resources to my audience. 

It has been so refreshing to hear your perspectives, stories, and thoughts on everything as we all re-educate ourselves during this time.

Cake ‘n Knife was built to be an inclusive community and I will always strive to keep it that way. The fact that so many of you have shown the same passion and support for this mission is truly fantastic.

Though I was raised to be what I thought was an inclusive and supportive anti-racist, I am learning that I have not been putting the work in that I should be. It’s honestly a very humbling experience and I’m glad that my eyes have been forced open. 

There is a lot of work to be done here. We all need to become an ACTIVE part of the solution for real change to ever occur. I’ve spent a lot of time listening, learning, and sharing, and I commit to continue this as often as possible. 

This is a not political issue. This is a human rights issue. I hope you will join me as we all seek to forge a new, more inclusive, and equal path. Yes, this can be an uncomfortable road to walk but discomfort is the thing that forces real growth

Below I am sharing several links – music to be inspired by, new black food bloggers to check out, and resources to support the black community in whatever way you can. I want this to be a continuing, open dialogue so always feel free to share stories, perspectives, books, music, businesses to support, etc below! 

Quick note: the image used here is by Brandy Chieco and I truly admire her designs. Hit up the link to her website because she is selling prints/shirts/stickers with this design. All proceeds are going to Black Lives Matter. 

song of the week

Song of the Week is 2020 Riots: How Many Times by Trey Songz. It’s been such an emotional few weeks and this song really captures the pain. 

foodie things

strawberry shortcake cake from Grandbaby Cakes is the slice of summery heaven I have been craving this week. 

kale salad with sesame tahini dressing from Jessica in the Kitchen. It’s weird but I am totally in the mood for salad right now and this one is at the top of my list.

better together fruit tart from Foodie in New York. Basically a rainbow of fruit deliciousness that I need immediately. 

duck fat biscuits from Tanorria’s Table. I mean, what else do I even have to say?

recipe ideas for using food scraps from Chocolate for Basil. Love love LOVE the way she highlights all these ideas! So much YUM.

homemade lattice cherry pie from The Hungry Hutch is a classic every summer. I am ready for a slice with some vanilla ice cream…

vegan caesar salad with spiced crispy chickpeas from Sweet Potato Soul. The crunch of those chickpeas sounds so good!

21 black-authored cookbooks to add to your shelf. I have added a few more to my shelves and am excited to add another set in the next few days! I highly recommend anything by Carla Hall. 

education things

45 upcoming books by black authors you can preorder right now.

Actions you can take to support the black lives matter movement.

How you can help black lives matter protesters if you can’t attend in person.

What black booksellers and publishers say you should read.

How to keep momentum. This is a fantastic read to help make anti-racism a part of your routine. Educate yourself now.

What has protesting accomplished? In just 10 days.

Let’s keep the momentum going.