1. Nothing in the world beats the feeling of your pup snuggling up to you (voluntarily) after a long day where you are doubting everything about life. It’s been a bit of a rough week and this girl has gotten me through those tough moments I hate admitting to anyone I ever have. I’m also heading out to Vegas this morning and might be missing her already. #tooattached #sorrynotsorry

2. Speaking of Vegas, name your favorite things to eat and see on the count of one…. two… THREE! I need to find some new fun things to eat and do while I’m out there!

3. Song of the Week is Goodbye by Who is Fancy. This is just the right vibe for an early morning wait at the airport, for realz. It’s the song I can listen to before I’ve had my caffeine at 6 in the morning. 

4. This is 100% Kya. All. The. Time. I wish I could say I am trying to train her to stop but at this point, that small couch is just hers. I give up.

5. What does your fav ice cream flavor say about you? Someone in this world figured it out.

6. Regular ol’ chicken and waffles step aside. These dishes take it to the next level and I must have them ALL.

7. The Friends quiz to rule all Friends quizzes. Can you tell I’m totally re-watching the entire series again on Netflix?