1. I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip to Harry Potter World with my BFF Susannah last year this week. Granted, she totally started it, but now all I can think about is roaming Diagon Alley with a wand and butterbeer in hand. I really need an escape from reality for just one day… Do you ever go through that? I swear, it’s a phase that comes and goes, but when it comes it’s ridiculously intense. It’s that feeling of just wanting to check out for a day and have no judgment for it. I want to flee for Bali or Harry Potter World or London and disappear into a day where I only do what I want to.

2. Why the irrational desire to run away you ask? Because I have seen a glimpse into my future for the next week and it’s NOT good. I mean, it’s great because I have an insane amount of work heading my way. It’s also terrifying because I have an insane amount of work heading my way. It’s like waiting for a giant tidal wave to wash over you – you know it’s coming and that you will survive because you know how to swim, but you also know some ocean water is going up your nose and you’ll feel like you might die for a millisecond. Have I mentioned how much I love working for myself?

3. Song of the Week is a direct result of a heavy alt/indie phase I’m currently wading through. Throw Down Your Guns by Wild Belle. Listen and love, people. 

4. After a cough and a lack of going to the gym, it’s time to get healthy. I’m going with all of these healthy lunches for the next month, and am especially excited about #1 (DUH), #6 and #12.

5. Currently re-watching Sex & The City for the I’m-not-even-going-to-tell-you-how-high-this-number-is time. These Carrie Bradshaw one-liners are everything a 20-something lady like myself needs in her life (I only have about 8 more months of being able to lump myself into this category, so get ready for a lot more of those…).

6. I can’t even with this Jimmy Fallon Catchphrase. Dying. Also wishing Hugh Jackman would just fall in love with me already….