1. I’m sure you would never have pegged me as the type to buy neon PINK shoes, but the deal was seriously too good and once I put them on… Well they just look so pretty! I might have pushed it when I threw on the neon green workout top I have (usually my last resort on laundry days), but the green did match the touch of green in the shoes. I’m not usually coordinated AT ALL so this was huge for me. You could have spotted me from space with all the neon, but I matched. So HA.

2. Can I just tell you how ecstatic I am to be done with last week? It was like everything went to hell in about two seconds flat. Every. Single. Day. Apparently Mercury was in retrograde (thanks for letting me know, Jen! lol) and it was causing everyone to be insane all week. I really have no other way to understand how almost every aspect of my life could have something go wrong, all in the same week. I am finally feeling back to normal and things seem to be going a whole lot better sooooo yay? At least my productivity is off the charts – I mean I hate to brag, but I’m kinda killing it. Just sayin’.

3. Song of the Week is my new jam. I have been busting this out in the car, kitchen, and gym like it’s nobody’s business. Sax by Fleur East – aka my new ultimate source of SASS. BOOM. 

4. Speaking of song of the week, my BFF Susannah came up with the BEST. IDEA. EVER. A Wednesday Slice playlist so you all can get your Cake ‘n Knife groove on with all my fav hits since I started harassing you weekly with life things. Check out the playlist here. I’ll be adding to it every week, so be sure to follow along on Spotify!

5. 8 habits that are completely killing the chance of you living out your dream. Must stop #4….

6. 22 ridiculously funny times Urban Dictionary had 100% NO chill. These have me dying over here, especially #5, #9, and #17 – ahahahahaha!

7. Is anyone else out there trying to learn (or better yet, re-learn) a language? I am trying to get back into French or Italian (still can’t decide which one) and I’m really not sure where to start. I have Rosetta stone, but not sure how to set a schedule for myself. An hour a day? Every other day? Anyone out there want to practice either with me? I have big goals in 2016 for fluency!