I keep promising myself that this will be the week I do the Jamaica photo dump from the Eat, Love, Sandals conference earlier this month… And then I keep forgetting about it. I finally made the time so here we go.


I was going to tell you all about the wonderful things we did and ate, the amazing women (and token man) I spent time with, and how I had more fun than I’ve had in a long time. However, last week the food blogging community lost a truly talented star and I can’t seem to bring myself to think about sharing anything else with you today. So I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves and tell you about Joan. Joan, author of Chocolate Chocolate and More!, passed away quite suddenly and without warning last week. Though I only met her in person once, her spirit, tenacity and bright smile will stick with me forever. While we were in Jamaica, she challenged me to step it up when I got back home and it gave me just the kick in the butt I needed to start pushing myself more.


I’ve seen the ripple effect her passing has had and it’s astounding how many people’s lives she’s touched and been a part of. It’s tragic to see someone’s life cut so short and I hope you will all take a moment to visit her blog. Today happens to be National Chocolate Day which makes it the perfect time to be highlighting such an amazing woman with such extraordinary talent.


Also, keep an eye out for #‎chocolateforjoan‬ posts on social media throughout the day today and help us celebrate her life.