1. Ok, I have good news! I can actually see again! Like, see the computer and read see – WHOA. Talk about a couple of the most frustrating weeks of my life… I mean, of course I am ridiculously grateful to be able to see clearly for the first time since I was a wee one, but wow does it suck not to see and have no glasses to help. I tried to cook and photo and write but everything I did just got thrown out because it wasn’t good enough (or maybe it was and I just couldn’t see it? HA.)! Now I can see! Plus I am sharing new ink with you all today as you see above.. My new little lotus flower 🙂 With all the changes and the new journey in front of me, this little flower really spoke to me (rising and blooming above the murk). No wonder I’ve been MIA lately right? So many changes!!

2. Most of these things happen whenever I see any of my friends I feel like. Maybe I should get out more…? Though really am counting down the days until Megan is back in town!!

3. Song of the week is Bitch I’m Madonna, by Madonna (DUH). Can we talk about how obsessed I have become with this song? Also about how weird the video is and how she still looks so good? 

4. Spotify is on a constant loop throughout the day and night now that I am working at home and OMG how perfect are these playlists?! Especially #6 and #10.

5. These viral book-inspired videos… How did I forget about Potter Puppet Pals?! Snape, Snape, Severus Snape… Dumbledore!

6. I am sharing one of my favorite cookbooks ever with you all tomorrow – you are going to LOVE it!! Do you have a favorite cookbook this summer?