1. Recovery from PRK is much slower than I would like… I can mostly see, but being on the computer is a lot harder, making work and basically getting anything done near impossible. I know I should probably be taking this time to relax and enjoy some time off, but after almost a week, I am stir crazy! I am just hoping the light sensitivity fades away so I can at least get some time outside without recoiling from the sun like a vampire…

2. All I’ve been able to do lately is listen to music, books and Friends (thankfully I’ve seen it enough times to play it in my head). I just finished listening to The Luckiest Girl Alive – talk about an intense book. I think listening to audiobooks is going to be my new favorite thing to do while I work. Any recommendations?

3. Speaking of relying on my ears, this week’s song is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. #motivation 

4. This list of dunkable snacks… YUM.

5. I am on a mission to start really mastering Asian cuisines over the next year (on the 30 before 30 bucket list!) and am trying to figure out where to start… Any suggestions?