1. Ice cider is my new favorite drink, especially this honeycrisp version by Eden. It’s like drinking a sweet apple and it’s heaven.

2. MasterChef starts tonight!! I just love it when it overlaps with Hell’s Kitchen – guaranteed great TV multiple nights a week. Throw in Game of Thrones and I’ve got my entire night mapped out with a giant glass of white wine and the final Cadbury mini eggs that are lingering in my pantry…

3. Song of the Week isn’t a full song this time… It’s Duckie as Otis Redding from Pretty in Pink. I might have binge-watched 80s chick flicks recently… 

4. Egg Russian Roulette with Anna Kendrick – need I say more?

5. Are you a big picture thinker? Sometimes I wish I wasn’t, but I am pretty sure I am, as proven many times by #4, #12, and #14 on this list.

6. Fictional childhood best friends – pretty sure any only child can relate to me on this one. Harriet the Spy was my BFF for LIFE.