1. I swear this month has been bonkers with running from event to event. Thankfully last week I had some time to appreciate the little things that make Colorado so amazing. We narrowly escaped the snow on our hike and soon it’ll be sun, warm weather, and fun at Harry Potter World and Disneyworld! SO unbelievably excited to geek out over every childhood love while also being surrounded by incredible food bloggers at Food Blog Forum!! #dreamscometrue

2. Christina Aguilera’s impression of Britney Spears killed me… And then she did Shakira. And I died again. LOL

3. Song of the Week is 101 by WALLA. It makes me think of summer days and since I’m entering 80 degree weather in Orlando, I am allllllll about this song. Top down, hands up, bring on the sun!

4. This double chocolate pudding with caramelized cocoa nibs… Could some please deliver a vat of this to me immediately?

5. Try out this quiz on the first episode of Friends when you have a second… SO hard. I am surprised I even got 7 right…

P.S. are any of you heading to Food Blog Forum that I don’t already know about?? Let’s meet up please!!!