1. It’s week #3 of getting back into the swing of things at the gym and I am FINALLY feeling like I am getting healthy. I always expect it to just click within the first couple of days, but it’s been a couple of weeks of pure and intense soreness. Today I am no longer sore, which either means the massage on Saturday worked wonders or I need to be pushing myself harder now. I fear that it’s the latter…

2. Speaking of working out, let me share with you the Song of the Week, aka my workout go-to song when I am trying to push through those last 10 reps. It’s totally the I Want It All/We Will Rock You mash-up from Sucker Punch. Try not to judge me, but this seriously is the ultimate motivation song in my book.  

3. 11 signs you’re watching too much Food Network? First, is there such a thing as too much Food Network? Second, yep all these apply in my daily life except #1 because who seriously watches Pioneer Woman every morning and immediately goes shopping? I want to meet the person who does this. I don’t even know what that kind of time/life would look like at this point. P.S. my next dinner party invitations are so opening with “a one-way ticket to Flavortown.” BOOM.

4. I am not sure if I would completely fail or utterly rule at Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon. I’ll stick to watching and getting freaked out by the increasing pace of the timer. GAH.

5. Has anyone watched Sons of Anarchy? I am binge-watching on Netflix and it’s SO GOOD. What is it about a motorcycle gang in a small town called Charming that makes this show so good? I don’t even know, but thank goodness no I know is silently judging me (that I can tell at least). I’m only on season 4 so don’t you dare give anything away!!

6. I will leave you with 9 clever fan theories discovered about Disney on Tumblr. *mind blown*