Grief is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels like an anchor pulling you down, and others it feels like a heavy coat that you know is there but doesn’t overtake all your senses. The last couple of weeks feel like they’ve been years as I look back on them. It’s odd to think how much has changed and to think of all the emotions I’ve felt so deeply. I am slowly inching towards some sense of a new “normal”, and once I get there, I have a lot of thoughts to share with you all on the subject. It’s just hard for it all to come together cohesively (and in a way that isn’t one huge run-on sentence…) at the moment. I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who reached out with kind words of love and support. It meant so much to hear from you and it’s what is bringing me back to my old computer chair, writing this post. So I am going to bring some joy into my week by sharing some inspiration and things that made me laugh when I didn’t think laughing was possible. Thank you again my sweet friends. You aren’t just readers to me. 

28 ways to take your life back when you’re broken. Lord knows I need many of these right now and I have to say, just committing to one a week has been helping me a lot.

Song of the Week is Live Like A Warrior by Matisyahu. When I have moments where I want to pull myself out of my funk or just get amped up like cray cray, this is the song I blast on full volume. 

When it comes to horoscopes, well, they are just my guilty pleasure. That and books. That’s why I love sharing these monthly horoscopes and book recommendations each month when they pop up. Have you read the book that’s recommended for your sign? Maybe I should start a book club for this…

30 beautiful but simple ways to build up your self-confidence. Ah self-confidence. The constant battle, am I right? Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles…?

Motivational quotes revised for people with reasonable expectations. I have to say, I had to laugh at this because some of those tried and true motivational quotes I’m just SO sick of hearing… 

30 new beginnings quotes for your fresh start. Appropriately timed, I must say. I have a few of these written in a notebook that I like to refer back to from time to time right now.