1. I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling from the Notre Dame fire. It’s just so tragic to me that this incredible piece of architecture will never be the same… We are going to be heading there in October (YAY), so I will be curious to see what the site looks like and how the rebuild is going. Speaking of, if anyone has recommendations on must-eat things in Paris, please drop them in the comments below! It’s been a handful of years since I’ve been, so I know there’s gotta be so many new and exciting things to chow down on!

2. I used to look through stock photos when I did marketing and social media management, and I used to see the same faces over and over and over again. This round up of stock photo models sharing the weirdest place they’ve seen their face is hilarious.

3. Song of the Week is Bad Guy by Billie Ellish. I have this obsession with Billie Ellish right now, and I am not even ashamed about it. I LOVE HER MUSIC.

4. I’ve recently been searching out comics on Instagram, and it’s my new favorite thing. These 5 artists are a must, ESPECIALLY the last one listed. 

5. Build your own young adult novel! This post has me laughing a little too hard right now, LOL.

6. Ok I lied, I’m laughing way to hard at THIS right now –> 50 words that sounds insanely dirty (but actually aren’t)