Spring flowers in a bicycle

Spring has sprung! Well spring had sprung, and then it got cold again here in good ol’ Colorado. Just when you think that the weather is going to stay warm, the weather changes and we know that spring isn’t quite in full swing just yet. Currently, I keep thinking about fresh flowers. I just want them to FILL MY HOUSE with their happy colors and brightness. They make me think of farmer’s markets and strolling outside in warmer months. This year I really want to make the effort to hit farmer’s markets more often, if only for the flowers. Do you have one that you go to every weekend during the summer? If you’re in Denver, tell me which one you love and why!

Ads Written By The Guy From Your Poetry MFA Who’s In Marketing Now. I KNEW THIS GUY IN COLLEGE.

Song of the Week is bury a friend by Billie Ellish. Ok, so I’ll admit that this is totally a weird AF song. I’m very aware. The video is also weird AF. For some reason it’s been stuck in my head for about 4 days straight when I wake up, and the only way to get rid of it is to listen to the entire song. I KNOW I KNOW SO WEIRD.

40 little things that make life and love totally worth it. All the mushy goodness right here.

These are the most magical Harry Potter tattoos. I LOVE the minimalist Hogwarts outline – GORGEOUS.

I’ve been trying to stay off my phone more lately. Then I read articles like this with 50 games that I could play… Le sigh. The technology battle begins, yet again…