The Happiness Planner

Photo Credit: The Happiness Planner

1. If you know me, you know that I LOVE planners. I am obsessed with them and if I ever lost mine I would probably lose my freaking mind. This year, I am switching from my usual Day Designer fix to The Happiness Planner. I’ve talked a lot recently about self-care and self-reflection in my Wednesday Slice roundups, so I thought I would find a new way to practice what I preach each day a little more. I am SO EXCITED to receive it tomorrow!! I particularly love that each month you can set goals for yourself as well as business goals. I’ll be posting more about it over on Instagram once I receive it, so follow along if you are a planner nerd like meeeeeeeee. *FYI this is not sponsored, just something I’m really passionate about*

2. Speaking of self-reflection, read this –> other people are not responsible for your happiness and 3 other things you need to learn to thrive.

3. Song of the Week is Baby It’s Cold Outside from the Elf soundtrack. Primarily because it IS actually cold outside and I just bought the limited edition Elf vinyl album. It’s perfect. It’s not too early for Christmas music, right? Also, I LOVE ZOEY. The end.

4. Let’s not make yet another Grinch movie, shall we? I totally agree that these classic children’s books need to be made into movies

5. If you know about Scott’s Cheap Flights, you’ll never stop laughing after reading this Scott’s Expensive Flights: the Airfare Newsletter for Terrible Travelers. If you don’t know about Scott’s Cheap Flights, check them out now and be prepared to travel your butts off.

6. POKEMON Detective Pikachu. Just when you thought you couldn’t love Ryan Reynolds anymore… This trailer pops up and you get excited about POKEMON all over again.