Spooky Halloween Meringue Swirls

1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Did you take care of your Halloween celebrations yet? Or are you partying hard tonight? For me, the partying was reserved for the weekend so tonight I’ll be home with the pups who will be barking all night as the doorbell goes off repeatedly for the cute little children asking for free candy. With a bowl of chili and a sorta scary movie (something that won’t actually make me have bad dreams, you know. Like Nightmare Before Christmas!), there’s not much more I’d rather be doing.

2. I personally am not a huge hour fan, but I am a fan of creepy. Adding all of these books to my list ASAP. The Likeness looks so good. Which one would you read first?

3. Song of the Week is This Is HalloweenDUH. 

4. The last couple of weeks have been really up and down for me, with giant peaks and valleys. So just in case anyone else has a down day today, or in the near future, some little ways to pick yourself up are right here. #1, #9, and #10 are personal favorites of mine 🙂

5. Curses From A Millennial Witch. Dying laughing.

6. Since I recently shared a quiz about sci-fi villains, let’s figure out which hero we would be, shall we? Apparently I am Breq, a character I haven’t heard of but who is an old soul with strong attachments to those I love and a real addiction to avenging those who have betrayed me. Yup, sounds about right.