Best Dumpling Restaurant in Tokyo

1. Currently missing the cheap, absolutely FANTASTIC dumpling spot we found in Tokyo… We got dozens of dumplings, from soup dumplings to fried dumplings, for less that $25 (and that was including the beers). WHY is that magically cheap goodness not in every city around the world??

2. Bookstores are a total weakness of mine and after reading this post about how bookstores calm anxiety, I think I finally know why. What place calms your anxiety?

3. Song of the Week is 1234 by Feist. This is all the happy, upbeat feelings I’ve been getting in my lovey-dovey phase of settling down into married life after all the craziness! Perfect for summer lazy porch sipping. 

4. I Hope You Do The Thing That Scares You. Read this and LEAN IN.

5. For your Wednesday laugh, 25 Ghost Puns That Are So Bad, You’ll Be Saying ‘Boo’. I don’t care what people say, bad puns still crack me up to no end.

6. I just started watching Castle Rock on Hulu…. Anyone else seen it?? It’s sooooo intriguing and I am trying not to binge watch the entire thing in one sitting… What are YOU watching right now?