Wednesday Slice

1. You know you are ready for another vacation when you start thinking about needing a mimosa on a Tuesday at 10am. I suppose it didn’t help that I was at jury duty already for a couple of hours… Nothing will get you dreaming of brunch and mimosas on a weekday like sitting in a room for hours with complete strangers in total silence. I know it’s a wonderful civic duty to have, but man, the waiting is pretty painful.

2. A little humor to get you through your Wednesday – 39 Funny Math Jokes and Puns That Will Make You Smile.

3. Song of the Week is The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. Queue all the ugly tears as I prepare for our wedding… 

4. I found this post about reading violent books kind of fascinating to read. I haven’t delved into violent books before, but now I’m considering pushing myself to read one. Maybe it will be eye-opening and enlightening in a perverse way?

5. WHY DO THESE PRODUCTS EXIST? I’m sorry, but no one needs Justin Bieber duct tape. No. One.

6. I have been living in an Etsy world as I plan this wedding and I am oh-so delighted to have stumbled across these bookends from Etsy… I WANT THEM ALL.