1. Today I want to talk to you about strength and perseverance. I have to be honest, March is kinda kicking my butt. From feeling under the weather most of the month, to revamping my entire freelance roster, to trying to get a grasp on the direction I want to take Cake ‘n Knife, to starting this week with my external hard drive slipping off my desk…

As I wait to find out if my data is lost forever, including some very precious photos, it’s been a bit of a rough go. There have been many low moments where I’ve just wanted to crawl into bed and hide from the world… but each time, I stopped myself.

Instead, I treated myself to something special. I took myself out for a breath of fresh air. I read through magazines I haven’t touched in months. I reached down deep inside and found that reserved strength to keep. going.

SO, for any of you out there who are struggling to, hang on and tap into that strength. Persevere. And here’s some things to help you get there a little easier…

2. 16 Things I Did For Absolutely No One Other Than Myself. Everyone needs to do all these things. #4, #11, and #15 especially.

3. I know I’ve mentioned This Is Me by Kesha in a Song of the Week before, but this is the anthem I’ve been blaring as I stumble through this month. ALL the motivation feelings. 

4. Did you love Ready Player One like I did? To get ready for the movie, these 12 books will fix your craving for more!

5. 48 People Reveal The One Thing They Are Most Grateful For Right Now.

6. And just so you can add a little laughter back into your routine, these tweets will have you LOL’ing like a mad person.