1. There is so much going on right now I feel like my brain is a top spinning out of control. Between fun activities like Nuggets basketball games to whiskey launches to getting ahead for the next month or so to FREAKING OUT over the fact that I am leaving for Japan SO SOON…. GAHHHH I can only remember today is Wednesday because it says “Wednesday Slice” in the title LOL. So.. how’s your week going?

2. Speaking of travel, these travel gadgets are the things I REALLY wanna pick up before we leave. I’ll get good use outta them, riiiiiiight??

3. Song of the Week is Juggernaut by Dustin Kensrue. I let you guess why this is topping my playlist right now 😉 

4. I love this post… 10 of the most important things my loved ones have told me during my low moments.

5. 15 hilarious back-to-school tweets that will make you grateful not to be a student anymore. TRUTH.

6. I don’t normally hit the self-help section of the bookstore, but as I get older I start to learn that there are some gems that are worth reading to live well.