Wednesday Slice |

1. I only wish I had a little cafe within walking distance of my house to make Mondays (and any weekday) a little more bearable. These simple ways to make Monday suck less are actually WORKING for me this week, so I had to share them! Which one would work best for you? For me it’s all about #1, #3 and #6.

2. I got this AMAZING Ravenclaw mug for my birthday this year, and now I am newly obsessed with ALL the Harry Potter themed mugs. That Accio Cocoa one is topping my holiday wish list at the moment 😉 *hint hint*

3. Song of the Week is Havana by Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug. After spending time in Miami, around all the Cuban sounds, this song is permanently stuck in my head (and probably in the heads of anyone who heard me playing it on the balcony in the morning as I took in that glorious ocean). 

4. With Halloween coming around the corner fast, I am avoiding all those terrifying movies like the plague. I much prefer scaring myself with scary true stories like these. Why? Oh you know, I just feel like I’ve gotten WAY too much sleep lately, so why not? Right? Right? Right?

5. Currently planning my first adventure across the Pacific Ocean to Japan and found out that they literally set ramen ON FIRE in Kyoto. I am just curious enough to go try it and give you an honest opinion about whether it is amazing, or if it’s completely overrated… Do you dare me to try it?

6. Can we talk about how much I love Blake Lively? She is so freaking adorable and this dance off with Jimmy Fallon is just the best example of how.

7. Is it ok to buy picture books as an adult? Because I really really want to indulge in these wonderful woodless picture books.