Wednesday Slice

Wednesday Slice |

1. There’s nothing like blue skies, the Denver skyline, a proper cocktail and an afternoon of eating everything in sight. There’s also nothing like following that up with a couple days of feeling crummy and being taken care of. Even a little stomach pain ain’t gonna rain on this happiness parade this week. #itsthelittlethings

2. These tweets. I die.

3. Song of the Week is Stand By Me by Florence + The Machine. Hitting me right in allllll the feels right now. 

4. So you know that feeling of excitement and terror when you are about to move? Excitement because you’re moving and terror because holy CRAP there are about 10 million things to do to prepare for everything that’s about to happen…. Yea, I’m smack in the middle of that whirlwind… Anyone have any advice on how to effectively prep for a move? Actually, anyone want to come and pack up my entire prop room for me??

5. My new place NEEDS all of these things. I also need to read more…

6. Apparently I should be a radio host…? Can’t believe I’m missing my true calling.

7. Get ready to start cringing, grammar nerds.



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