1. Aside from the weather being completely insane this month, I am very excited to be ushering in Spring! I have a goal to really get into seasonal cooking. However my cravings are fairly erratic at times so I am not sure how long this will last.

2. This is the bunny that came to visit us on Easter. Isn’t he just too cute?


3. Spring break songs from the 90’s. YES.

4. Quotes from Indiana Jones, in order of awesomeness. #10 and #16. Oh the memories….

5. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Gordon Ramsey? Now that Hell’s Kitchen is back the obsession has been turned up a notch. Who’s watching this season? Can we just take a moment to talk about how DRAMATIC some of these chefs are? I am pretty sure it’s a conspiracy to get people to watch the show. There’s just no way the only good chefs out there are that insane. Right? Or have I just admitted how unbelievably naive I am?

6. I dare you to scroll through this list and NOT get creeped out by one or more of these actors. I am having Lost flashbacks so you’ll have to excuse me for a moment while I cringe…

7. To add onto that, I watched Resident Evil for the first time. Did anyone else get totally creeped out while watching that movie? Or was that just me? I am not built for movies where things jump out and scare me half to death…

8. Oh and on that note, one more thing I have to share – this list of 15 things that totally make you paranoid. #2 and #5 and #15 are my life.

9. Ok this is really the last thing I have to share with you. Rejected Schoolhouse Rock! Songs. It is a miracle that this exists.

The morning just started and I am already trying to decide what I want for dinner. I need some inspiration. What are you making for dinner tonight?