1. OMG that face. Seriously, my dog (Kya) has the most expressions I have every seen. This is my favorite to date. I mean, you can just hear her scream “give me back my bone!!”

2. In all seriousness, this is my relationship with Netflix and any other streaming program I run into. *face palm* And I just started the cycle again with The Wire which I am currently barreling through at breakneck speed. I might have a problem.

3. The next time I see a stranger dancing I am SO joining in. DANCE PARTY!

4. I am most definitely an acapella fan… Don’t judge me. Just listen to this amazingness and soak it in. And yes, I love Pitch Perfect. Again, don’t judge.

5. Eek Lego cuteness!! Ugh, I am such a dork… But can you blame me? They made Gwen Stefani into a LEGO.

6. Thirty years later and Kevin Bacon still has it. Just watch and welcome the awesomeness.