New flavor of the week – homemade Fusilli Alfredo.

New adventure of the week – making homemade pasta (and not with a fancy motorized pasta extruder, I used one of the old school hand-powered ones). The process of making homemade pasta resulted in the inevitable face-off between me and flour… Just so you know, flour and I are not very good friends. It doesn’t matter what I make, whenever flour is involved, my kitchen is in store for a mess. I’m sure you all understand (Anyone? No? Well then, I suppose the burden of a tumultuous relationship with flour is only mine to bear). At first, mixing the flour and eggs seemed simple. Everything was going fine. Then the dough transformed into a little dry ball, leaving me with half of the flour still needing to be incorporated. Thus began an epic struggle to moisten the dough and bring it together to the proper consistency. The process ended with great pasta dough and a floury mess all over the counter, my clothes, and my body.

Despite standing amidst this mess, success was within my grasp and I decided regular spaghetti was just too easy. Why go through all this effort and only end up with spaghetti? Fusilli, a twisted noodle, seemed like an exciting challenge. It looked like fun. Of course, I made this decision assuming the noodles would somehow come out of the extruder in the perfect shape. HA. What extravagant dreams I have! Each noodle required twisting before laying it out to dry; every single noodle. I should have counted the amount we ended up with but I am sure it was close to a million (probably closer to the amount you would find in a box of pasta when you remove my evident dramatization). I am pretty sure with all that effort I only got 10% of the noodles in the right shape.

Next time, I’m making spaghetti.

Though it may not have been the most beautiful pasta in the world, it tasted AMAZING. I’m telling you, fresh pasta is the way to go. It’s so much heartier and unbelievably satisfying, particularly when you’ve spent so much time turning a handle round and round, cutting noodles, and gently placing them on towels to dry.

The beginning:

Starting to shape the noodles and lay them out to dry:

I always forget how satisfying cooking and baking can be. It’s not until I finish making something from scratch that I realize how accomplished it makes you feel. Even when the ingredients are as simple as one pound of flour and four eggs, the feeling of creating something out of just a pile of ingredients is pretty exciting, especially when it tastes so damn good.

Note: If you try to make this pasta dough (one pound flour and 4 eggs), please remember that you will need to add a little bit of water after bringing it all together. I feel as though a search for a better pasta dough recipe is in order…