Losing weight and staying healthy are pretty tricky, aren’t they? Keeping up with workouts during the week and cooking healthy meals becomes difficult when it isn’t part of your average daily routine.

As part of my efforts to lose those pesky extra pounds and get healthy, I have been pushing myself to workout about 4-5 times every week. For me, getting healthy started with wanting to look good on the beach in Mexico this summer, but it has started to become a way of life for me. I never thought I would say it but I am actually enjoying eating healthy and finding new ways to reinvent boring health food like salad and granola. I admit, I still indulge in chocolate and sweet desserts such as Maple Bacon Ice Cream and Gin & Tonic Cake, but I have started actively incorporating vegetables and fruits into my every day diet (for those of you who don’t already know, this is a HUGE step for me considering my previous fruit and vegetable intake consisted of fruit filling in cookies and potato chips 😉 ).

A recent addition to my healthy diet has been Core Power shakes. Normally I am not someone who drinks protein shakes. I usually don’t even try them for fear of the gross, chalky flavor most protein shakes have. However, as a recent attendee of the BLEND retreat, I had my eyes opened to world of yummy protein shakes when I tried Core Power for the first time.

The first night of the retreat I saw the Core Power shakes stacked neatly on a table. I was curious so I grabbed one and shoved it in my purse for the next day. I figured after my first bootcamp I would need something to refuel! I first tasted the honey flavor, thinking it would be the most mild and be a little sweeter than the others. As I took my first sip the following morning after being beaten down by an intense workout, I was delightfully surprised by the lightly sweet taste and the lack of the usual chalk texture.

For a shake that carries 26g of protein, I was not expecting it to taste as good as it did. Boy oh boy did it taste good! It has become part of my regular diet, helping replace my not-so-healthy lunches when paired with a yummy spinach salad.

After sampling all the flavors, the chocolate is hands down my favorite flavor (big surprise right?), though the honey and strawberry-banana are not far behind. The chocolate Core Power tastes exactly like chocolate milk. And not just any chocolate milk; it’s like chocolate milk that you put extra chocolate sauce into.

I know you doubt me right now. A healthy protein shake that tastes like something that isn’t healthy? I will admit it does sound too good to be true. I promise you (no, my fingers aren’t crossed behind my back) that this is a stellar product and if you are looking to work some extra healthy protein into your diet, TRY THIS SHAKE.

Looking to lighten up on the calories? I HIGHLY recommend the Strawberry-Banana light Core Power shake. Even though it’s about half the calories of the regular shakes, it packs a whopping 20g of protein. Plus it tastes delicious, just like strawberry milk which is great for someone like me who doesn’t usually like the strawberry banana combination (aka ME).

Thank you Core Power for opening my eyes to the world of good tasting protein shakes!!