Happy Birthday Cake 'n' Knife!

Happy Birthday Cake ‘n’ Knife! WOW, it has been two whole years! Just typing that feels completely insane to me. I remember when the first blogversary rolled around, I looked back on the year and it felt like so much had changed. All I can say is this second year of blogging put that first year to shame. I feel so much more immersed in the blogging world with both amazing new friends and collaborations, but primarily with YOU. The recipes and experiences I have shared come straight from my heart and you have been there with open arms and grumbling tummies. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how truly grateful I am for all of you! This whole blogging thing would mean nothing if I didn’t have amazing readers and friends to share it with. You all have become like my big online family and I love you all. So THANK YOU!

Next year brings even more fun with new features on the blog, an ebook and so much more… Eek I can’t wait to share all the fun with you!!