1. ELF. And Love Actually. And Home Alone. And every other crazy, corny Christmas movie I can watch. Yep, still a 5-year-old at heart.

2. Christmas cookies, cakes, and all other sorts of baking. It has been endless and I am definitely ready to get back to cooking some savory things. I think I have officially hit a sugar overload. If I continue down this road, I might form a hopeless addiction that will leave me shaking in the corner and compulsively eating sugar cubes.

3. Unrelated to Christmas but I LOVE this clip of Duckie lip syncing to Otis Redding in Pretty in Pink.

4. On a Duckie related note, DID ANYONE ELSE KNOW THAT HE IS THAT OTHER GUY ON TWO AND A HALF MEN??????? Sorry about all the caps but I seriously had no idea and finding this out just totally blew my mind.

5. In case you missed it, there was a bird in my house earlier this month. Here’s picture proof:


Somehow that bird looks like an ornament. But it’s real. I swear.

6. I have probably gained about 50 lbs from all the holiday cooking, baking, and eating I have endured. Who knows a great diet that will make me lose all that in one night while I sleep? Don’t tell me my dreams are irrational…. I already know they are.

7. Ellen’s scares…. I am dying.

8. Now that Dexter is over (UGH), I need a new show to obsess over. Do I dare try to start Homeland…?

Happy New Year! I hope 2013 brings you all more joy and love than you could ever dream of.