As summer comes to an end as quickly as it began, I feel the overwhelming need to share some of my favorite things from this month. 🙂

1. Why can’t I stop watching this video?  Seriously, there is no good reason for it. I just can’t stop. Won’t stop. I will never stop.

2. Apparently I am really excited for winter. And by winter, I mean snowboarding. Seriously, who is this girl? I used to hate the cold and snow (yes I really am from Colorado). I am pretty sure it is because I actually made it down the mountain without falling last season. There is no other legitimate reason.

3. I need to stop using Pinterest. The obsession has reached epic proportions. My hubby wishes he had never shown me the site. He reminds me of his regret every time I start a sentence with “So I found this thing on Pinterest….” Which is basically every other sentence that comes out of my mouth…

4. Ice cream. All the time. Sea salt caramel. Chocolate. And all the weird flavors I have lined up for the next 10 months. Why haven’t I used my ice cream machine more?! I just celebrated our two-year anniversary which also marks exactly how long we have had our ice cream maker…. I have only made 2 types of ice cream prior to this maple bacon ice cream. FAIL. From now on there will ALWAYS be homemade ice cream in this house.

>5. I am in love… with my puppy.

Who is no longer a puppy.

She is now 1 year old. Will she ever stop growing?!

6. Asian markets are AWESOME. There are fish heads and quail eggs and pickled mango and salt cured eggs and a ton of other things I can’t imagine putting in my mouth but somehow I am still just as excited as I would be if I actually dared to eat everything they sell. All I can think about is going back to buy bone marrow to somehow make up my debt to Julia Child and the art of French cooking which I could not master. I’ll give you more details on that horror story later. Oh the shame….

7. A video with a dog, and dolphins, and a song that makes me smile no matter how grumpy I am (even after being stuck in senseless traffic for an hour and a half, THAT is a big accomplishment). Watch it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Happy Hump Day!