Work with Me

Interested in Working with Cake ‘n Knife?

  • Advertise on Cake ‘n Knife – I can offer you a variety of different ad options. Please contact me to discuss rates.
  • Giveaways and product reviews–If you have a product that is a good fit for Cake ‘n Knife readers, please contact me about hosting a review and/or giveaway on the site.
  • Sponsored Posts – If you are interested in promoting content that is relevant to Cake ‘n Knife, please contact me.
  • Brand/product ambassador – I would be happy to represent your brand! This could include blog posts, social media promotion, travel opportunities, etc.
  • Recipe Development – I always love creating recipes and would be thrilled to develop unique and delicious recipes for you. We can work together to create a distinctive set of recipes that will highlight your product and how it can be used in the home kitchen.
  • Blog and Food Related Conferences – Are you looking for a food blogger to represent your company at a blog or food related conference? Please contact me!
  • Food Photography – I would love to work with you on any projects you need, whether they are large or small. I shoot most photos in my home studio.
  • Freelance Writing. I am an experienced writer and can craft professional posts for your company. Let me help you get the word out about your products.

Please email me at: meghan [at] cakenknife [dot] com to request a media kit and discuss opportunities in detail. I look forward to working with you!