Very Merry Christmas Cheese Board

Very Merry Christmas Cheese Board |

A Very Merry Christmas Cheese Board will instantly bring the joy into your holiday gatherings, no matter what size they are. With a variety of textures and flavors, every part of this spread is the ideal centerpiece for all the quality time you want to spend with friends and family. Some of my favorite memories

Irish Stout French Onion Soup

Irish Stout French Onion Soup |

Irish Stout French Onion Soup bring a whole other level of depth and flavor to a classic winter comfort meal. Pairing stout and whiskey with this rich soup will warm you up within the first couple of bites. I might be becoming more of a soup person… It’s all because of this soup right here.

Almond Mocha Crescent Cookies + a Le Creuset/Silpat Baking Giveaway!

Almond Mocha Crescent Cookies |

Almond Mocha Crescent Cookies are one of my favorite holiday cookies that reminds me of childhood. The addition of cocoa powder and espresso really makes these cookies stand out in a sea of treats during the holidays! I swear this time of year is the most exhilarating and exhausting of all. The events, the parties,

Spiced Rum Punch

Spiced Rum Punch |

Spiced Rum Punch is packed with winter spices, a homemade simple syrup and delicious spiced rum. Fair warning, this punch packs a punch, but you won’t be able to tell when you taste it! Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? I don’t know how you felt about the new season (there were some high’s and some

Wednesday Slice

1. You know when you have one of those nights out after a really long time of pulling some serious hermit time? One of those nights that flies by and before you know it, it’s 2AM and you accidentally drank one too many beers that you’ll regret the next day but it doesn’t matter because