48 Hour Foodie Guide: Beer Lover’s Guide to Boulder

48 Hour Foodie Guide: Beer Lover's Guide to Boulder | cakenknife.com #travel #colorado #brewery

Love all things beer and food? Take a couple of days to hit up Colorado with my 48 Hour Foodie Guide: Beer Lover's Guide to Boulder! From restaurants to breweries to tap houses, this travel guide is the ultimate vacation for the ultimate beer and food lovers out there.

Tikka Masala Chicken Chili

Tikka Masala Chicken Chili | cakenknife.com #soup #dinner #recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala Chili is a wonderful mash up of one of my favorite Indian dishes and my favorite soup - chili. Served up with warm naan, the deep and rich flavors in this chili are a comfort on those few chilly nights we still have left this winter. Top it off with a dollop of plain yogurt and...

Beignet and Coffee Cocktail Shake

Beignet and Coffee Cocktail Shake | cakenknife.com #recipe #drink #milkshake

Let's throw some Mardi Gras beads and get to celebrating with a Beignet and Coffee Cocktail Shake! A little booze, a little coffee, and a whole lot of over-the-top beignet richness makes this cocktail shake the ultimate way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

Hatch Green Chile Gumbo

Hatch Green Chile Gumbo | cakenknife.com #mardigras, #dinner #soup

Hatch Green Chile Gumbo is your favorite Louisiana dish with a green chile Colorado twist! The smoky and spicy green chiles bring this classic Mardi Gras recipe to a whole new level of savory flavor. Short weeks are both a blessing and a curse… while I still worked a little on Monday, I took a

Wednesday Slice

Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! Wednesday Slice | cakenknife.com

1. Happy National Margarita Day, friends! I’ve been celebrating since Sunday with all the different margarita recipes EVER. Starting with this orange margarita and followed by a grapefruit margarita, winter citrus margarita and ending with my perfect margarita tonight… If you need some other ideas, I’ve also got peach blueberry, pomegranate, mixed berry and cucumber